Case Studies

We are passionate about making our clients successful and our work does all the talking for us!

Device Tracker Applications

A CodeMyMobile Apps Guru worked with Samsung engineers to develop a Device Tracker Application that automatically sends the device’s identity over the network to the inventory team. This application helps track asset inventory, reduces the replacement cost of lost device, and reduces the man hours required to complete workflow steps by 25%.

Samsung Automation Framework

CodeMyMobile and Samsung engineers worked as a team to streamline the development of automation tools that reduced development time-frames and provided greater quality assurance. We created Eclipse plug-ins that help developers with automating the project framework, facilitating server communications, and generating reports easily.

R&D on Peer-to-Peer Communication, Magnet SDK

A team of two passionate developers, one from CodeMyMobile and the other from Samsung, won a global research and development challenge hosted by Samsung for developing Magnet SDK, which made local peer-to-peer and group communication much easier for developers. This was a major contribution to the knowledge base for Samsung Chord SDK. Features of the real-time info sharing SDK include support for interaction between devices, synchronized content sharing, broadcast of messages to nearby devices, and data transfer between devices, as well as support for multi-player games.

Language Test Automation at Samsung

The CodeMyMobile team worked with Samsung engineers to develop a simplified and completely automated IME (Input Method Editor) that made language testing faster and easier. This application records coordinates of keyboard keys which automatically tests input strings of various languages, reducing processing complexity and time.

Car Experts India

Car Experts is India’s one & only free mobile app to help Indian car enthusiasts, car buyers, car lovers, car owners access car reviews, car specifications & car dealers information easily. It is the first application to provide comprehensive information with regard to prices of Indian cars on a city level basis, across India along with the latest news from the world of cars.

Guru - A quiz App

We came up with the idea of Guru as a learning activity for educational institutions and a game for individual users. The Guru app lets students, teachers, and friends conduct quizzes anytime, in no time. The app |Guru| runs on the quiz master's device and the players can connect their device to application through a Wifi network.