The foundations of IT Sigma started in 2008 where the founders were working in the IT process improvement for a Fortune 500 company. During their time in the field, they were introduced to Lean Six Sigma as a methodology to improve quality and speed in the IT department. Out of this experience began the development of IT Sigma Pro, designed just to streamline the Lean Six Sigma process.

I’ve worked with a lot of vendors, and a number of them have just been excellent, but I would put CodeMyMobile in the top ranks of that group. They were very professional, very organized.

Founder, Michael Clapperton


IT Sigma is designed for anyone with little technical expertise to deploy in your organization. However if you have never started a process improvement program in your IT organization ItSigmaPro has a variety of services and partners.

They can create a program for you, consult on improving processes in your organization and implement our tools to keep you on track.