Lacretelle is a jewellery website. Their Jewellery is hand-crafted in New York City by designers who have been making jewelry for brands like Cartier & Tiffany for 30+ years.They use socially conscious sourcing practices directly from diamond mines and precious metals dealers, so you maximize the value of your luxurious investment. They change their designs every season, and never make them again, so they remain a collector’s special edition item.

CodeMyMobile's services are outstanding. They are probably the best vendor that I’ve had the opportunity to work with in this space.

— Head of E-commerce at Lacratelle(Online Retail Company) CEO


As the consumers turn to e-commerce to purchase fine jewelry, Lacratelle works to develop a more comprehensive buying experience, particularly with more sophisticated websites. The goal is to bring the luxury of an in-store purchasing experience to an online purchasing experience. That means high-quality images, an excellent navigation scheme, and easy-to-use product configuration settings.