In 2013, BYOD initiatives became front-of-mind for CIOs. The marketplace saw a proliferation of feature-rich MDM products released by well-funded, venture-backed start-ups e.g. Airwatch and established security software companies such as Intel’s McAfee division.

Our client – TopPatch Inc. – a NYC-based security software company gave us a mandate to study numerous products in the market and start an open source project that provided a basic feature-set for small companies to manage Android and iOS devices.

They undersell and overdeliver. That is why every project that is app-related goes to them.

— CEO, TopPatch Inc.


Mobile-Vault is an Enterprise-grade mobile device management (MDM) software for systems administration and devOps professionals to manage mobile devices within any business. Currently, Mobile-Vault supports Samsung and iOS. It is easy to use, and scales well. It can be used to manage one device or several thousand devices easily.