Whizzlings is a music app available on Android and iOS. It is a great app for children. Children would love to learn piano on this app. Its an app for Pre-K children to have fun while learning music.

They have been provided with an exciting and fun environment for learning music.

  1. Learn: Kids can learn the notes and relate to them visually with fruits and note-heads.
  2. Play: In the Play Page, kids can play with the notes and get hints to place the correct notes at correct place (which they learned in learn page).
  3. Song: In the Song Page, after they complete 2 stanzas the whole song is played as a reward for them.

CodeMyMobile created better than expected. An interactive game for kids with rich colors and UI. Kids using the Whizzlings app learn music 2X faster than others.

- Founder, Paul


Whizzlings is a great app for kids to learn piano.