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UpKeep's CMMS is a modern maintenance management solution for your team. lt is asset and maintenance management done the right way. lt's IOO% free, easy to use, easy to customize, and even easier to set your business up for success.

UpKeep is ideal for maintenance crews who constantly work at different sites. Download today and discover why no other project management app can keep up with UpKeep.

I was very happy with their work. The software came out better than I anticipated. CodeMyMobile was willing to go the extra mile for me. I was impressed with the way they handle a project, the team they assign to it, the competency that was executed, and the quality of the product at the end.

Ryan Chan CEO and Founder


Chuz (pronounced "choose") is a mobile app that curates the city's best spots for food, drink, and lifestyle, tailored to you.

Easy navigation allows you to chuz by mood, time of day, and neighborhood, and tailors your experience by leveraging favorites from your trusted foodies and friends. Think Spotify for spots!


Competish is the answer to your weight loss needs.

Competish is the proven way to help you get and stay in shape. It's easy to get started and fun all the way through.


Ballzeye is a challenging game that helps you test your speed, concentration and passion with this simple. Not for Color Blind people.

One can swipe the randomly popping colorful balls towards the corner with matching color. Swipe balls to the right corners and earn scores. You will be exposed to some hurdles as bombs, avoid tapping on bombs. The ballz come at various speed and appear in random colors.

Ballz Eye is a good eye concentration game. 5*s in the first hour. I like this has potential addiction factors.

-Dok Drozzel


QwikAccess helps employees and visitors save time by enabling them to send and receive SMS, e-mail and in-app notifications for check-in. They even receive reward points and special deals at local businesses.

The QwikAccess system works in conjunction with a customized Nexus 9 tablet that authenticates visitors and employees at the check-in point. The companion QwikAccess Guard Tablet App is rooted to the device, and is only usable for the App and its features.

QwikAccess is a highly flexible system that can be integrated with IoT systems with stable, published APIs.

Their communication levels and genuine empathy with the products and companies they work for were outstanding. CodeMyMobile has a genuine love for creating innovative ideas and apps. They love the passion that budding entrepreneurs and large corporations bring to the table.

Chiranjeev Bordoloi, CEO and Founder


en.JOYYE is a social shopping community where jewelry lovers can discover and shop for the latest jewelry trends from around the world. en.JOYYE is different from others because it is a niche community, and our collections are socially curated by passionate fashionistas and jewelry lovers. At en.JOYYE, people can explore, discover, share, save, and shop for that ultimate statement piece while bringing JOY globally to others in need because 10% of every sale is shared with associated charity houses.

We work as a startup, so we're very fast-paced, and CodeMyMobile has adapted to our pace. We're very happy with their team. A collaboration of this kind is a two-way conversation.

Nicole CEO/Co-Founder


Time Storm is a power packed complete Clock App for your daily needs by CodeMyMobile. It is packed with all functionalities like Alarm, Timer, Stop Watch. You can set multiple alarms, repeat alarms, choose from a set of alarming alarm tones and a lot more settings to get your time right.

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