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UpKeep's CMMS is a modern maintenance management solution for your team. lt is asset and maintenance management done the right way. lt's IOO% free, easy to use, easy to customize, and even easier to set your business up for success.

UpKeep is ideal for maintenance crews who constantly work at different sites. Download today and discover why no other project management app can keep up with UpKeep.

I was very happy with their work. The software came out better than I anticipated. CodeMyMobile was willing to go the extra mile for me. I was impressed with the way they handle a project, the team they assign to it, the competency that was executed, and the quality of the product at the end.

-Ryan Chan CEO and Founder

Chuz (pronounced "choose") is a mobile app that curates the city's best spots for food, drink, and lifestyle, tailored to you.

Easy navigation allows you to chuz by mood, time of day, and neighborhood, and tailors your experience by leveraging favorites from your trusted foodies and friends. Think Spotify for spots!

Competish is the answer to your weight loss needs.

Competish is the proven way to help you get and stay in shape. It's easy to get started and fun all the way through.


Ballzeye is a challenging game that helps you test your speed, concentration and passion with this simple. Not for Color Blind people.

One can swipe the randomly popping colorful balls towards the corner with matching color. Swipe balls to the right corners and earn scores. You will be exposed to some hurdles as bombs, avoid tapping on bombs. The ballz come at various speed and appear in random colors.

Ballz Eye is a good eye concentration game. 5*s in the first hour. I like this has potential addiction factors.

-Dok Drozzel

QwikAccess helps employees and visitors save time by enabling them to send and receive SMS, e-mail and in-app notifications for check-in. They even receive reward points and special deals at local businesses.

The QwikAccess system works in conjunction with a customized Nexus 9 tablet that authenticates visitors and employees at the check-in point. The companion QwikAccess Guard Tablet App is rooted to the device, and is only usable for the App and its features.

QwikAccess is a highly flexible system that can be integrated with IoT systems with stable, published APIs.

Their communication levels and genuine empathy with the products and companies they work for were outstanding. CodeMyMobile has a genuine love for creating innovative ideas and apps. They love the passion that budding entrepreneurs and large corporations bring to the table.

- CEO and Founder Chiranjeev Bordoloi

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word best as: Of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality. Charlotte's Best is a smartphone optimized website where clients can find professionals committed to being the best in their profession.

They just take it and run with it, and if they have any questions, they'll chase me down and ask me. But, they just run with it...really makes me want to work with them again and again.

Co-Founder Charlotte's Best

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en.JOYYE is a social shopping community where jewelry lovers can discover and shop for the latest jewelry trends from around the world. en.JOYYE is different from others because it is a niche community, and our collections are socially curated by passionate fashionistas and jewelry lovers. At en.JOYYE, people can explore, discover, share, save, and shop for that ultimate statement piece while bringing JOY globally to others in need because 10% of every sale is shared with associated charity houses.

We work as a startup, so we're very fast-paced, and CodeMyMobile has adapted to our pace. We're very happy with their team. A collaboration of this kind is a two-way conversation.

- CEO/Co-Founder, Nicole

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Time Storm is a power packed complete Clock App for your daily needs by CodeMyMobile. It is packed with all functionalities like Alarm, Timer, Stop Watch. You can set multiple alarms, repeat alarms, choose from a set of alarming alarm tones and a lot more settings to get your time right.


Stocks - Fundamental Analysis is a platform for any investor to easily monitor and compare their stocks for better analysis and increased returns on stocks investment.

They were always willing to implement needed changes and would go above the cost projections to keep the project within budget.

Project Manager Stocks-Fundamental Analysis App

Established in 2014, Solsourcer is a global provider of business process and technology management services offering and integrated portfolio of analytics-driven back-office and customer facing solutions that support the entire customer lifecycle.

CodeMyMobile puts in the extra work, and really tries to build a deep relationship with their clients. By the end of our project they were anticipating what our problems and needs were going to be, and this allowed us to move much faster.

- CTO of Solsourcer

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Honey App allows you to choose personal services like manicure, pedicure and wax. You get 5-star luxurious pampering that even Coco Chanel would enjoy. Choose a service, choose the perfect technician for you! Read their reviews, filters by rating, distance, or history and wait for your personal technician to arrive on your doorstep, on-demand or at an appointed point.

We made the right choice. CodeMyMobile know design and user experience so well they add their expertise to our idea. They made a great product.

- CEO of Honey App

BookwithBit.com provides an outlet for you to book a room, with no hidden fees, where all disclaimers are known up front BEFORE you decide to book your room. BookwithBit.com minimizes the fine print, and headaches when you book a hotel room.

BookwithBit.com provides the technology that is disrupting society, and gives those looking for an outlet to use Bitcoins to book hotel rooms at great rates.

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7 lives is the story of a girl who wants to collect all the beautiful butterflies in this dream fantasy world. So help her collect (green, black,orange,yellow,golden) butterfly, keep her happy and be a star. Also collect coins on the way.

Professional, accountable, and confident. They do a great job communicating, and the quality is better than expected.

-CEO, Vivek Dhiman, Atriviss Technologie

Emergent is the Total Protection Solution specifically designed for emerging consumer hardware products. Emergent is the go-to solution for emerging hardware OEMs - no OEM will want to launch an emerging hardware product without it. Emergent offers BOTH an OEM warranty AND an extended warranty program specifically designed for emerging hardware OEMs.

We are extremely satisfied with CodeMyMobile and have returned to them for multiple development projects. CodeMyMobile produces great looking and functioning apps.”

- Founder, Emergent Protect

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The foundations of IT Sigma started in 2008 where the founders were working in the IT process improvement for a Fortune 500 company. During their time in the field, they were introduced to Lean Six Sigma as a methodology to improve quality and speed in the IT department. Out of this experience began the development of IT Sigma Pro, designed just to streamline the Lean Six Sigma process.

I've worked with a lot of vendors, and a number of them have just been excellent, but I would put CodeMyMobile in the top ranks of that group. They were very professional, very organized.

Founder, Michael Clapperton

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Lacretelle is a jewellery website. Their Jewellery is hand-crafted in New York City by designers who have been making jewelry for brands like Cartier & Tiffany for 30+ years.They use socially conscious sourcing practices directly from diamond mines and precious metals dealers, so you maximize the value of your luxurious investment. They change their designs every season, and never make them again, so they remain a collector's special edition item.

CodeMyMobile's services are outstanding. They are probably the best vendor that I've had the opportunity to work with in this space.

- Head of E-commerce at Lacratelle(Online Retail Company) CEO

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For years Recuracy team has been working with the Fortune 500 companies to bring websites and subscription services to life. Now they have brought their expertise to all businesses.

Their team will guide you through each step of the process of infiltrating the subscription economy. Whether you are an established business looking to solve inventory, seasonality, or cash flow problems or a fledgling entrepreneur Recuracy can help.

Monthly Recurring Revenue is our passion. MRR means you will know exactly how much you will make next month without needing to.

Recuracy is a branch of CodeMyMobile

CodeMyMobile is a very diverse group with expertise in almost any technology that you can imagine.

- CEO and Co-Founder

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Yoga is a yoga coaching app providing Yoga Classes, Asanas, Scheduled Plans, and Guided Meditation , suitable for all levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Whizzlings is a music app available on Android and iOS. It is a great app for children. Children would love to learn piano on this app. Its an app for Pre-K children to have fun while learning music.

They have been provided with an exciting and fun environment for learning music.

  1. Learn: Kids can learn the notes and relate to them visually with fruits and note-heads.
  2. Play: In the Play Page, kids can play with the notes and get hints to place the correct notes at correct place (which they learned in learn page).
  3. Song: In the Song Page, after they complete 2 stanzas the whole song is played as a reward for them.

CodeMyMobile created better than expected. An interactive game for kids with rich colors and UI. Kids using the Whizzlings app learn music 2X faster than others.

- Founder Paul

The point of the app is to help members of the club help each other get parking spots. When one of them is leaving, he hits a button to tell other members of the club that he is giving up his spot. There is a clock setting underneath the button where he can enter in how many minutes (max 10 minutes), he is giving up his spot. (He loses 5 Karma points if he does not give up the spot within 5 minutes of the time he has entered). Someone who is looking for parking and is within 4 blocks of the above geo-location is able to see all such spots coming up with a time counter overlay on each spot. 3 people with the highest Karma points see the spots first.

The team put in some heavy work on our project and presented the excellent designs. They look awesome!! They have also highlighted numerous risks we will need to manage, and have also presented some fantastic ideas to us.

- Co-Founders, Jake and Kin

In 2013, BYOD initiatives became front-of-mind for CIOs. The marketplace saw a proliferation of feature-rich MDM products released by well-funded, venture-backed start-ups e.g. Airwatch and established security software companies such as Intel's McAfee division.

Our client TopPatch Inc. a NYC-based security software company gave us a mandate to study numerous products in the market and start an open source project that provided a basic feature-set for small companies to manage Android and iOS devices.

They undersell and overdeliver. That is why every project that is app-related goes to them.

- CEO, TopPatch Inc.

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Microedge is a B2B sales app for professional sales personnel. A B2B purchase decisions have multiple stakeholders. The goal of this app is not to replace other types of lead gen activities that organizations use. Nor is the objective to replace the traditional sales process. The goal of this app is to assist in achieving stakeholder buy-in after a lead has been qualified.

Jogger is an app concept beautifully designed by CodeMyMobile, coming soon for runners. It provides GPS Running, Jogging, Walking, Workout Tracking and Calorie Counter.

Gear Tracker - Add your athletic shoes and start tracking mileage with Gear Tracker. Help yourself avoid common injuries and get notified when it's time for a new pair. Activities - Log and record workouts with the largest selection of activities, including running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga and tons of others. Workout Stats - Record GPS-based workouts with customizable voice feedback for precise stats like pace, route, distance, calorie burn, elevation profile and more.

I couldn't ask for a better firm, and we'll definitely use them for any applications we do in the future.

- CTO of Jogger App

As one of the world's leading innovation consulting firms, Insider Innovation work with your best people to test their best ideas for delivering sustainable P&L growth. You gain actionable insights that can drive your growth agenda with immense capital-efficiency, while having significant top and bottom-line impact.

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Experience fun, challenge your concentration and excitement by playing goldstone. Compete with your friends while you engross yourself into every new challenging level filled with fun, excitement and mystery.

They had a very down-to-earth work ethic. They definitely made it seem like they were part of your team and that you were working together cohesively

-Vivek Dhiman, CEO Atriviss Technologies

Friendly Deals brings the best deals possible to the global Chinese community. An Android app where you can find exciting offers from a plethora of brands.

Everyone that I've dealt with at CodeMyMobile has been very professional. They are very well credentialed.

Project Manager, FriendlyDeals

The Car Experts India is a next-generation car research app on Android platform. The mobile app works to provide you with all the information a car lover would need. This App is useful in case you own a car, are planning to buy a car, are fond of cars, or just like to keep yourself updated about the Indian Car Industry news, updates & fresh launches.

Car Experts India is changing the way people experience cars. CodeMyMobile have been one of the top vendors that we have worked with over the past few years. They brought fresh enthusiasm, passion and constructive ideas to the project.

- Kanav Garg CEO, Erfolg Technologies